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Volunteering for the Bob Mizer Foundation is an enriching and fulfilling experience, especially for those who have a keen interest in the preservation of art and history related to physique photography. The Foundation, dedicated to the legacy of American photographer Bob Mizer, not only focuses on preserving the vast archive of photographs and films but also plays a crucial role in educating and informing the public about the cultural and historical significance of Mizer's work.

As a volunteer, one has the opportunity to be directly involved in a variety of non-profit events organized by the Foundation. These events range from art exhibitions, educational workshops, film screenings, to fundraising activities. Each event aims to engage the community, raise awareness, and support the Foundation's mission of preserving and promoting the art of Bob Mizer and other artists of his era.

Engaging in these events as a volunteer, individuals are not just contributing their time; they are becoming part of a larger effort to celebrate and safeguard a significant portion of LGBTQ+ history and art. Volunteers often assist with event planning, setup, and breakdown, interact with guests, and provide information about the exhibits and the Foundation's goals. This hands-on experience is invaluable, offering volunteers a deeper understanding of the impact of Mizer's work and the importance of cultural preservation.

Moreover, volunteering at these events provides a unique opportunity to meet a diverse group of people, from artists and scholars to collectors and enthusiasts, all united by a shared appreciation for Mizer's legacy. It's a chance to build connections, learn from others, and contribute to a supportive and passionate community.

The Bob Mizer Foundation's events are more than just occasions; they are platforms for education, appreciation, and community engagement. Volunteering at these events not only supports the Foundation's noble cause but also offers personal growth, learning, and the satisfaction of making a difference in preserving an essential part of art history. It's an experience that enriches the volunteer's life, broadening their understanding of art, culture, and community.