Undergraduate and graduate level students gain experience and exposure to a professional archive work environment through BMF's Internship Program. Internship positions vary but are usually available in a variety of departments including Curatorial, Development, Education, and Library.  While at BMF, interns will participate in activities conducive to their academic and professional growth.Internships are unpaid, but are available for academic credit if the intern arranges this through their school.
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Internships are available on a semester basis throughout the academic year and summer. Applications are accepted according to semester deadlines. The internship placement process is a competitive one and, as such, not all applicants are guaranteed an internship. Intern work hours are flexible to accommodate class schedules, however a minimum of 8 hours per week is required.

To apply, please contact us. Then Complete and submit the application we send, a résumé with three references. Other materials, such as letters of recommendation or portfolios, are optional and may also be included along with the application.

For more information please email us in the Contact Page.

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