First Thursdays Art Walk and Exhibition Opening

First Thursdays Art Walk and Exhibition Opening


First Thursdays Art Walk and Exhibition Opening

Opening Reception for "So It Begins… | The Complete Mizer Chronicles: From Portraiture to Chromatism in Mizer's Lens"

Open House:
Thursday, March 7, 2024

Main Gallery

The Upper Tenderloin in San Francisco revitalizes its cultural scene with the First Thursdays Art Walk, introducing the latest exhibition from the Bob Mizer Foundation, "So It Begins... | Bob Mizer: Chromatic Mannerisms 1962-1992." This captivating showcase dives into thirty years of Mizer's pioneering work, highlighting his evolution from monochrome to vibrant color photography. Mizer, a visionary in capturing the male form, pushed societal boundaries through his art. The exhibition, set against the backdrop of the eclectic Tenderloin district, offers a unique lens into Mizer's exploration of color, composition, and the male identity, inviting viewers to rediscover his influential legacy in contemporary art and LGBTQ+ culture.

The Upper Tenderloin district of San Francisco, renowned for its rich history and cultural diversity, is set to further enhance its vibrant arts scene with the introduction of the First Thursdays Art Walk. This monthly event breathes life into the neighborhood by showcasing local and international artists across various venues, fostering a thriving community of creative expression and engagement. A highlight of this initiative is the opening of a new exhibition by the Bob Mizer Foundation, titled "So It Begins... | Bob Mizer: Chromatic Mannerisms 1962-1992." This exhibition marks a pivotal exploration of Mizer's illustrious three-decade career, transitioning from the stark simplicity of black and white imagery to the dynamic and expressive use of color photography.

Bob Mizer, an iconic figure in 20th-century photography, is celebrated for his avant-garde approach to capturing the male form. His work, often controversial, challenged prevailing norms and censorship laws, paving the way for future generations of artists and LGBTQ+ advocates. "So It Begins..." delves into Mizer's artistic evolution, highlighting how his use of color not only enriched the visual impact of his photographs but also added layers of meaning and emotion to the depiction of his subjects. The exhibition showcases a carefully curated selection of photographs that reveal Mizer's mastery of composition, light, and color, presenting a vivid tableau of masculinity, identity, and desire.

Hosted in the eclectic and historically rich Upper Tenderloin, the exhibition invites art lovers, historians, and the LGBTQ+ community to immerse themselves in Mizer's chromatic world. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, "So It Begins..." serves as a critical reflection on the changing perceptions of male beauty and sexuality over three transformative decades. It underscores the significance of Mizer's work in challenging societal taboos and celebrating the diversity of the human experience.

Through "So It Begins... | Bob Mizer: Chromatic Mannerisms 1962-1992," the Bob Mizer Foundation not only honors the legacy of a pioneering artist but also contributes to the ongoing dialogue about art, identity, and freedom of expression. This exhibition promises to be a captivating journey through the lens of Bob Mizer, offering a unique perspective on the evolution of photographic art and its role in shaping cultural discourse.