BMF Bulletin

Published since 1946

AMG Bulletin 1946-1951

In the beginning, Mizer sent out mimeographed flyers to his customers. There were no pictures, only text describing the models.

AMG Bulletin 1952-1972

By the early 1950s, the AMG Bulletins grew in size, and were published between issues of Physique Pictorial. They featured an ever-growing catalog of images and films.

BMF Bulletin 2003-present

Today, the Bulletin is published again via email by the Foundation and keeps subscribers up-to-date on exhibitions and other news featuring the Bob Mizer legacy.
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Bob Mizer began mailing the AMG Bulletin in 1946, and continued updating his customers for the next 4 decades.

Today, we continue the tradition.

Thinking it over, I believe my hobby consists of Psychology, Human Behavior, Hypnotism, Mental Telepathy; in fact all really sensible sciences dealing with the mind. Bob Mizer's Personal Journal - February 6, 1940
I look “seedy” to myself in mirror. Bob Mizer's Personal Journal - January 15, 1957
“Even the most timorous feels that if he will stay in his own home and mind his own business, that there at least he will be snug and secure. But there are certain insidious groups at work in our country who don’t agree, rather they demand that you conform to their narrow perverted views and interpretations even in your own personal home–your inviolable castle.” Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial Vol. 10 No. 1, pg. 12
Found rat in pool & put him in a cage – Bob Mizer's Personal Journal - June 16, 1963