Physique Pictorial Volume 44, Available for Pre-Order


The Bob Mizer Foundation is proud to announce the publication of Physique Pictorial, volume 44. The new Spring quarterly is slated for release in early March 2018.

Last fall, The Bob Mizer Foundation re-launched the flagship magazine brought to life by male physique photographer Bob Mizer more than half a century ago. Mizer founded Physique Pictorial in 1951; the publication was designed to showcase the benefits of healthful living through a variety of muscular male models. Physique Pictorial ceased publication in 1990 at the time of Mizer’s death.

The new Physique Pictorial pays homage to male physique photographers both vintage and contemporary. Here are key highlights from volume 44 — hitting the streets in early March of 2018:

• A vintage retrospective from the Mizer archives, 1950s supermodel, bodybuilder and former Mr. America, Richard DuBois is celebrated with a 14-page portfolio.

• TASCHEN Books Sexy Editor Dian Hanson pens an essay on Old Reliable’s David Hurles, whose sneering, tattooed models are highlighted in a rambunctious photographic portfolio.

• Readers will also meet photographer Lucas Murnaghan, whose magic camera dives below the water’s surface to capture his models' athletic physiques.

• Brooklyn photographer Ross Collab contributes a set of private self-portraits that redefine an artist’s intimacy with his camera. 

• Nature and nudist enthusiast Steven Menendez takes his camera into the wilds of nature to capture the beauty and strength of men in the great outdoors. Imagine Ansel Adams shooting for Physique Pictorial!

• And Waynn Low creates a portfolio of fantastical men that mirror the polychromatic style of James Bidgood’s classic film, “Pink Narcissus.”

• And finally, a True Detective-like retrospective from Keith Foote on legendary Mizer model Leonard Chambers and his untimely death in 1956 by a California police officer’s gun.

Readers can reserve their copy of the new Physique Pictorial volume 44 or purchase an annual subscription at

About The Bob Mizer Foundation:
Located in San Francisco California, the Bob Mizer Film Archive is the world’s largest repository of original moving images documenting the twentieth-century underground physique movement. Spanning five decades (1942-1992), the BMF Archive documents the evolving landscape of Postwar sexual mores through the lens of pioneering artist Bob Mizer. With over 3000 film masters and one million still images, this immense body of work was, directly and indirectly, instrumental in overcoming legal obstacles to basic human rights regarding censorship and enjoyment of basic personal freedoms. The Bob Mizer Foundation is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of progressive and controversial photography. It is our belief that the most disputed works of art are the most important to the progress of society. The Foundation spurs thought and discussion through the protection and dissemination of photographic material that has been discriminated against, censored or otherwise marginalized. Additional information about Bob Mizer Foundation is available at .

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