About 50 years ago when it was against United States law to photograph two naked men showing affection for each other, nobody turned their heads if the naked men were simply wrestling and trying to kill each other. 

Porn pioneer Athletic Model Guild (AMG) has announced today the release of the second DVD release in their Film Classics line of digitally remastered 1950s & 60s films  --AMG STORY FILM CLASSICS: THE WILD ONES. 

“This new DVD concentrates on the rough boys, prisoner, and hoodlum themes  Bob Mizer used in his work, including 1950s knife fights, motorcycle thefts, and prison life,” says Dennis Bell, AMG’s President and Creative Director. “And the funny thing is that many of these guys were playing a part on film that they acted out in real life.  Mizer’s models most often came right off the street, and had either just gotten out of jail or would end up there shortly.

”AMG STORY FILM CLASSICS: THE WILD ONES features 21 short 16mm films that were created over 30 years from the duck-tailed boys of the 1950s to the rough and naked cowboys in the 1970s.  There are a selection of solo posing films included with AMG classic model favorites like Ramon Gabron, John Davidson, and Ray Robirds. 

AMG is currently selling STORY FILM CLASSICS: THE WILD ONES on DVD for US$19.99.  

About The Bob Mizer Foundation:
Located in San Francisco California, the Bob Mizer Film Archive is the world’s largest repository of original moving images documenting the twentieth century underground physique movement. Spanning five decades (1942-1992), the BMF Archive documents the evolving landscape of Postwar sexual mores through the lens of pioneering artist Bob Mizer. With over 3000 film masters and one million still images, this immense body of work was directly and indirectly instrumental in overcoming legal obstacles to basic human rights regarding censorship and enjoyment of basic personal freedoms. The Bob Mizer Foundation is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of progressive and controversial photography. It is our belief that the most disputed works of art are the most important to the progress of society. The Foundation spurs thought and discussion through the protection and dissemination of photographic material that has been discriminated against, censored or otherwise marginalized. Additional information about Bob Mizer Foundation is available at .

  • Release Date: May 23, 2006

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