Arnold Schwarzenegger & child, Los Angeles, 1975
Arnold Schwarzenegger & child, Los Angeles, 1975

B-B-B-BAD: an exhibition with attitudes

Jun 30, 2011 - Aug 12, 2011

520 West 21st Street
New York, New York USA

Bad to the bone. That’s us. Badness permeates our culture. It’s the party crasher no one invited but everybody is secretly glad is here. Because goodliness has always been boring and being bad can be cool. It comes in many guises: Über-badass bikers, mischievous children, ham actors, hungry wolves, politicians, Blaxploitation heroes, fashion choices, gestures, cigarettes and omens. Things get interesting when they go bad. It’s a bad, bad, bad, bad world—and that’s a good thing.

Artists: Tariq Alvi, Adam Axel, Mattia Biagi, Keith Boadwee, Matt Borusso, Charles Browning, Elijah Burgher, Luke Butler, Wayne Coe, Steve Davis, Peter Eide, Scott Ewalt, Glen Fogel, Jonah Freeman, Martha Friedman, Paul Gabrielli, John Wayne Gacy, Joe Graham-Felsen, Gregory Green, Adam Helms, Lisa Kirk, Kristian Kozul, Scooter Laforge, Wes Lang, Karin Laval, Patrick Lee, Michael Magnan, Paul McCarthy, Adam McEwen, Bob Mizer, John Ensor Parker, Luc Sante, Ryan Schneider, Jeff Shagawat, Tara Sinn, Hank Willis Thomas, Wolfgang Tillmans, John Waters, Karlheinz Weinberger, Eric Yahnker

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