Gifts of Property

Gifts of Photography & Art Collections

The Bob Mizer Foundation accepts donations of photography of all kinds for future protection and research.  Collections of physique photography, vintage pornography, films, and reference material are a welcome addition to our reference library. Please contact Bob Mizer Foundation's Director for more information.

Gifts of Personal Property

In some instances gifts of other tangible personal property (art, jewelry, collectibles, etc.) may make a meaningful gift to the Bob Mizer Foundation. These gifts will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please contact Bob Mizer Foundation Director 

Gifts of Real Estate

Many people do not consider real estate when they consider charitable gifts. However, your home or other real estate such as undeveloped land, office buildings, apartment buildings, and farms can offer unexpected philanthropic opportunities.  Gifts of real estate that you have owned for more than one year are deductible and with proper early planning and distribution arrangements you can minimize taxes and worries for your heirs. You may also be able to arrange supplemental income for retirement as part of your gift or even give your home to charity while continuing to live there.

Gifts of real estate are evaluated on a case by case basis and take into consideration the location, marketability, environmental concerns and other factors to determine whether they are appropriate for both the donor and the Bob Mizer Foundation. To learn more please contact Bob Mizer Foundation Director

Gifts of Vehicles

Bob Mizer Foundation does not accept direct gifts of cars, motorcycles, boats or other vehicles. Instead we recommend that you contact either Cars4Causes or Riteway Charity Services. Both of these partners allow you to choose Bob Mizer Foundation as the beneficiary of your vehicle donation.