Subjective Character Analysis: Emotionally Disturbed French-Indian Marine Loves Nose Candy, Lifting Weights

May 07, 2010

This stud from St. Louis is possibly the most decorated model in Physique Pictorial history. In our extensive experience with Bob Mizer’s groundbreaking publication, never have we found a man with such a complicated......

Subjective Character Analysis: French-Italian-Indian, Dirty Doug Carter, Sports Full-Shaft Tattoo

March 11, 2010

Those few and lucky souls who’ve had the opportunity to witness the AMG collection in its entirety know that there are some real freaks lurking in Bob Mizer’s portfolio. Take, for example, Mr. Doug Carter. This......

Subjective Character Analysis: Gay for Pay Christmas Baby is a Dull Lay

December 09, 2009

Bob Mizer’s description of Dennis Lavia is a short one. “Dennis Lavia at age 19 born on Christmas Day 1943 in Des Moines, Iowa 5′10″ 150. Did weight training since age of 13. Construction work. Lt. brown hair, blue eyes,......

The Truth about Bob Part 1

September 22, 2006

The day that I started working at AMG I walked in the door and was directed to my desk. Next to my desk was a rolling media center on which were two small televisions, countless VCRs and Betas and a whole bunch of recording equipment I......

Character analysis revealed the core of Mizer's models

January 16, 2017

To the uninitiated, the symbols may as well have well been Egyptian hieroglyphics – clusters of arrows, circles, squares, squiggly lines, and backward question marks that began to appear next to a pictured model in Bob Mizer’s Physique......