Physique Pictorial in the Swinging ’60s

April 12, 2010

The 1960s brought on the rise of the quaalude, the creation of the key party and the discovery of those precocious Brits, the Beatles. For those beefcake rags that survived the conservatively cold 1950s, it was a time of great change and......

Harry Bush’s Physique Pictorial

March 05, 2010

Harry Bush – yes, that’s his real name – was certainly one of the most talented contributors to Bob Mizer’s Physique Pictorial. He may not have reached the mythic proportions of his contemporary Tom of Finland, but......

Play Hard w/ the Boys of Harry Bush

October 29, 2007

It’s a polarizing debate, and one that has spanned the history of visual art. Is it okay to lust after a drawing? If you ask us, the answer is clear. Just because they’re two-dimensional, doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential......

Reclusive artist created images of beauty, humor

April 04, 2017

If it weren’t for Bob Mizer, Harry Bush’s immense talent – and the bitterness and anger boiling underneath the hand that created stunning images of muscled men – may never have been realized. Bush – his real name, as he so often......