Hot and Cold

October 05, 2006

When I lived in Texas I never had to feel the natural temperature unless I stepped outside. Texas is the home of climate control. In the Bay Area, however, people don’t use heaters and they certainly don’t use air conditioners. So, as......

The Truth about Bob Part 1

September 22, 2006

The day that I started working at AMG I walked in the door and was directed to my desk. Next to my desk was a rolling media center on which were two small televisions, countless VCRs and Betas and a whole bunch of recording equipment I......

Classic Cocks

September 18, 2006

When you work at a porn studio with as much history as AMG, you have to wonder “if this movie was made 50 years ago, and the models were in their twenties then - " The reality can be breathtaking. However, at......

AMG Releases Hardcore Film Classics

June 26, 2006

Mizer had always claimed that he never produced hardcore films at Athletic Model Guild. Contrary to this belief, Dennis Bell, current owner of AMG, recently discovered a cache of hardcore raw sex film loops in the private film vault that......