Bob’s World “Best Book of the Century”

December 11, 2009

Since it’s release two months ago, Bob’s World has created an unprecedented buzz around Bob Mizer’s super saturated color photographs. Over the past week alone, it’s popped up on the front page of Out, hit number one......

Mike Miksche – Closeted S&M Homo Artist, Almost Lost Forever

December 10, 2009

Mike Miksche’s (aka Steve Masters) story is a tragic one. Perpetually closeted, the flight captain turned fashion illustrator’s first contact with a gay man came in the military, when one of his flight crew expressed his undying love......

Subjective Character Analysis: Gay for Pay Christmas Baby is a Dull Lay

December 09, 2009

Bob Mizer’s description of Dennis Lavia is a short one. “Dennis Lavia at age 19 born on Christmas Day 1943 in Des Moines, Iowa 5′10″ 150. Did weight training since age of 13. Construction work. Lt. brown hair, blue eyes,......

Merry F*cking Christmas, Happy F*cking Hanukka – It’s Our G*d Damn Wish List

December 08, 2009

Excuse our language, but there’s something about the Holiday season that makes us want to scratch our balls and spit. All the ugly sweaters, insanely wasteful decorations, and those god damn Christmas carols, are all far from comforting......

Bob Mizer on: Joe Dallesandro

December 07, 2009

“He listed his occupation as “short order cook,” said he was also a dishwasher, and his greatest ambition was to own his own Italian restaurant.”  Physique Pictorial July 1975...

Revenge of Triton, 1950s Full Color Stunner

December 04, 2009

In “Revenge of Triton” John Krivos plays an angry Greek God come to exact revenge on a pair of unsuspecting bathing beauties. This super spectacular color extravaganza is a rare glimpse at Bob Mizer’s......

Physique Inspiration 0003

May 09, 2009

At Left: Juwa Lavonce by Bob MizerAt Right: Sam Scott Schiavo’s tribute to AMG featuring Tuscan Sailor, Alessio...

Physique Inspiration 0002

May 09, 2009

True to Form by Willy Vanderperre from the Spring 2009 Issue of VMan. Thanks to Russbrent for the link....

Bob Mizer on: The Advent of Hardcore

May 04, 2009

“Apparently that previously starved public is like a collective alcoholic which has made all of its taste-buds so overstimulated that even massive doses no longer have any effect.” -Bob Mizer from Physique Pictorial Vol. 18,......

Charley Charmaign and Friends

April 28, 2009

One of the few hardcore films produced at AMG, and discovered after Bob Mizer’s death, Charley Charmaign and Friends is about as explicit as a Mizer film gets. There’s sucking, fucking, rimming, and even group sex, but......