Did you know?: Physique Pictorial, vol. 44

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Did you know?: Physique Pictorial, vol. 44

Physique Pictorial subscribers, the spring 2018 volume will be in your mailbox soon (and if you haven't yet bought vol. 44, you can do so in our online store). In the meantime, we thought you'd enjoy some trivia on the artists and models that didn't make it into our latest edition.

Our featured vintage model Richard 'Dick' DuBois was a busy man, and his mother answered all of his fan mail. 

TASCHEN's Dian Hanson, whose essay on David Hurles appears in this upcoming issue, collaborated with filmmaker John Waters on a gallery exhibition showcasing Hurles' photos in 2010.

Toronto-based photographer Lucas Murnaghan, who has shot images on four continents, shoots underwater models without the aid of scuba gear. 

Photographer Ross Collab bears a tattoo in the shape of a snowflake on his chest, an homage to his home state of Minnesota, according to a 2015 profile in Out Magazine.

Before he began a career in photography, Steven Menendez owned a vintage clothing boutique in South Beach in the 1980s. 

A native of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Waynn Low makes a concerted effort to use both Asian and Caucasian models in his works. 

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