Bodybuilding brothers: 1968 Physique Pictorial issue had readers seeing double

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Bodybuilding brothers: 1968 Physique Pictorial issue had readers seeing double

What, exactly, is it about brothers that gets us so hot under the collar (and the pants)? 

Brother duos seem to be ever present in the adult entertainment industry (Google 'The Ashton Brothers,' and we know you'll thank us). It was no different in Bob Mizer's "Physique Pictorial," which featured several photo spreads on brothers and twins in its July 1968 issue (Vol. 17, No. 1). Though Mizer's commentary featured little in the way of specific information about each pair, take one glance at the images -- we're just guessing it will be a long glance -- and the relationship between each man is obvious. 

The Manning Brothers: Joe (from left), Jim, and John "have a Sioux Indian father and an Irish mother." Mizer also noted that the three men enjoy "all athletics," and that John had done an individual sitting for Mizer before. No ages given. 

The Densman Twins: Dean and Denny, both 18 years old, were listed as being from Fort Worth, Texas, and both enjoyed football, swimming, and bodybuilding. In an acompanying caption, Mizer makes mention of a pair of twins from Paris vacationing in the U.S., but he was unable to take photos of them by the time the issue went to press. 

The Dawn Brothers: Sporting a balled-fist-under-the-chin Glamour Shots pose, Charles (25) and Jim (22) hailed from Houston and were raised in Chicago. The men were of French-Irish heritage. 

The Latschkowski Brothers: Mizer only states that brothers Sigmund and Hans came from Germany. No ages given. 

The Elledge Brothers: From Merced, California, Jim and Ron were both weight trainers and racing enthusiasts. Mizer called them "rather wild." No ages given. 

The Bastin Brothers: Philip and Arley, from Blington, Indiana, also posed and performed for Mizer before. Both appeared in a film, and Mizer advertised solo photos of Philip. No ages given. 

The Dyball Brothers: Both Tom and Joe, originally from California, worked as lighting technicians and, like most others featured in the July 1968 issue of Physique Pictorial, had posed or performed for Mizer before. No ages given. 

"There really is something exciting about seeing brothers posing in Physique Pictorial," says Den Bell, president and CEO of the Bob Mizer Foundation. "We probably have such a fascination with them because it feels so forbidden and taboo, and Mizer knew that."

The Foundation sells both vintage and current issues of Physique Pictorial in its online store.