Apache will be first original Mizer model in new Physique Pictorial

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Apache will be first original Mizer model in new Physique Pictorial

When the first issue of Physique Pictorial in 27 years reaches your mailbox, you’ll see a lot of new faces gracing its pages – and one very familiar one.

Bob Mizer photographed thousands of models under the banner of the Athletic Model Guild throughout his career, but only one will return to Physique Pictorial in the upcoming Autumn 2017 issue.

“John Apache is the hands-down favorite model of a few of us who work for the Foundation,” says Dennis Bell, president and CEO of the Bob Mizer Foundation, who also oversaw the production of the new Physique Pictorial. “Take one look at him, and it’s easy to see why. John Apache is the embodiment of raw masculinity that Bob presented in his works. He’s this bad boy who is unquestionably dominant, physically strong, and very attractive, but look at some of the photos in our new issue, and you’ll see that John had a softer, playful side as well.”

Another Foundation staffer had this to say in a December 2016 blog article: "John Apache has always reminded me of a bad-boy straight hoodlum on whom I had a crush in high school," said Corbin Crable, the Foundation's Communications Manager. "Though I’m sure some wouldn’t consider John to be traditionally handsome, he’s perfect in my eyes, (including) his larger nose and ears. John exudes a playfulness in one image, grinning impishly as he bounces on a trampoline, and a sneering, come-hither visage in the next, as he leans back on a motorcycle seat."

Apache first appeared in the January 1974 issue of Physique Pictorial, just a few scant years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that nudity presented in media was legal.

“One of his most distinctive features is the presence of two tattoos on his left bicep -- one is a small, red heart; the other shows the Confederate flag,” Bell says. “Obviously, we know what a controversial and divisive image that is today, but it definitely stands out in all of the images and film footage I’ve seen of him.”

One specific portrait of John Apache has featured heavily in a few promotional materials for the Foundation over the years, including a DVD sale in 2009. A similar portrait of Apache was featured on the cover of issue #68 of the zine Straight to Hell.

Apache, who, according to Mizer, shared a name with a famous bank robber, was born at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. His hobbies were listed as swimming, hunting, and riding motorcycles, and Mizer shared a story about Apache writing the President of the United States a letter detailing a plan he developed to rescue prisoners of war from Vietnam; the president “thanked him but declined” (it is unclear whether Mizer is referring to former President Lyndon Johnson or then-President Richard Nixon). As far as his personality, Mizer called Apache “affable,” and his subjective character analysis reveals that Apache was dominant but had an agreeable personality, that he was ambitious, but also a petty thief.

In addition to the upcoming issue of Physique Pictorial, you can also find a wrestling film of Apache on the Foundation’s new streaming video website, www.posingstrap.tv.

If there is a specific AMG model of yesteryear you would like to see featured in future issues of Physique Pictorial, contact Bell at den@bobmizer.org. In the meantime, you can order the Autumn 2017 issue here.