AMG Fun Facts: Donald Thirkill

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AMG Fun Facts: Donald Thirkill

"“MEMBER OF PRIESTHOOD SUES PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL FOR $35,000.00! On March 31, 1955, Donald Thirkill of Los Angeles filed [a] complaint…charging that Physique Pictorial has invaded his privacy by publishing his photograph in the March 1954 edition of Physique Pictorial, and that “by reason of these publications this plaintiff’s church work with young boys had been highly impaired;…the engagement of this plaintiff to his said fiancé has been terminated;…this plaintiff was embarrassed and held up to ridicule by those persons with whom he had previously worked in church work.”"  Bob Mizer  PP 6-1 

Don Thirkill

Direct from the pages of Physique Pictorial, fun facts about life and times in the AMG Studios compound with details about the models and people who were part of daily life at 1834 West 11th Street.

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