Spoiled Beauty - Jim Paris

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Spoiled Beauty - Jim Paris

Jim Paris was one of the Athletic Model Guild’s most popular models in the 1960s.

When Jim Paris first appeared at the AMG gate on Valentine’s Day 1964 he told Bob Mizer he was 18.  He was actually only 17.  Born in Indiana,  Jim grew up in Titusville/ Cape Kennedy, Florida and went to high school in St. Louis, Missouri.  At 5’6” tall and 125 pounds, with hazel eyes, brown hair and a charming smile, he listed his sporting interests as swimming, tennis and wrestling.  He liked to read science fiction, go to movies, watch TV and shoot pool.

Jim originally moved to Hollywood to pursue an acting career, but only modeled for AMG and another photographer while waiting tables.  About two years later he joined the Marines and was shipped off to Viet Nam.  Jim bulked up and lost his boyish looks.  He served another tour of duty in the early 1970s. After the service, he returned to Southern California where he drove a tow truck and used his auto mechanic skills for the local Automobile Association.  Bob said he was nearly “unrecognizeable”.

At the time, Jim was paid more than any other model AMG had ever hired.  Bob described Jim as a “conceited, thoroughly spoiled brat who despised productive work.”  Ouch!  However, in the two years he modeled for Bob, Jim probably appeared in Physique Pictorial more than almost any other model up to that time, with his last appearance in those pages fifteen years after his first.  

In addition to his twelve appearances in Physique Pictorial, he appeared in eleven films, including  Home Work with Rick Parker, Impudent Salesman with Bob Landon, Rambunctious Robot with David Mineric, Delicate Con with Jim Stafford and Rockey Coffey, Young Prisoner and the Gladiator with Jim Young, as well as wrestling films with Jim Halverson and Peter Mayer.  The Bob Mizer Foundation also offers a film compilation in its Americana Collection called Complete Jim Paris.

Fun Fact:  Do you have an autographed photo of Jim in your collection?   Your photo was originally purchased from AMG in May, June or July of 1964.

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