Oil Fields and Oiled Bodies

Stump Keith , History Comments
Oil Fields and Oiled Bodies

We don't know how model Terry Douglas made his way to AMG in the early 1970s for a few early photo sessions, but after moving to Alaska to work in the oil fields for almost 10 years, Terry returned to Los Angeles to become one of the most popular AMG models in 1983 and 1984.

For two years he sparred with the AMG stable's top models in wrestling and posing images.  And this was no fake torso bump wrestling.

Terry appeared in more than 1,200 AMG images.  Also known as Larry Hamilton, when he returned from Alaska he was rugged - 180 pounds of muscle and over six feet tall.   Bob Mizer described him as a typical man with a very agreeable and very domineering personality.  He was also admittedly and unabashedly active in AA to maintain himself and to help others. 

Terry has always been one of my favorites!

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