XAN CHERELLE at age 21, 5'7 150 waist 31/29 biceps 14 chest 37/41. From Columbus, Ohio but has also lived in New Orleans, of French-Irish descent.

We took some beautiful acrobatic footage of him but the original negative got caught in the machine and all but 15 foot ruined. With his hair distressingly longer and some of his beautiful definition gone, Xan returned about a year later to do Film #C130 with his buddies Denny Roberts and Ed Johnson. Like many of the other "aging" models, Xan felt he looked "better than ever." On rare occasions, some do improve physically with age, but most on giving up their previous athletic life tend to disintegrate quite rapidly.

-- Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial August 1973, p.13.

During an intense inventorying session of about 8000 reels of film in the BMF Film Archive, our volunteers have located that actual film that Mizer refers to as destroyed. Indeed, destroyed it is, the entire roll of film [except the mentioned 15 feet] is unusable by 1970s standards ... chemically overexposed, but with today's digital remastering methods we feel this film can be saved to an acceptable level of restoration.  Hopefully, it is about to be seen by the public for the first time ever.

The original film box, with Mizer's own handwritten notes, below.

As we removed the original camera negative [in this case a positive Ektachrome original] from this box, it was apparent the film was chemically overexposed somehow.  There is no sprocket hole damage, as Mizer might be stating when he says "got caught in the machine" .. but perhaps the film was stuck and did not advance, thus causing too much time in the chemical bath.

In any event, perhaps Mizer thought that somebody, someday, may be able to save the film with "future technology".  We hope that time is today.

We are curating collections of film work for new DVD compilations in response to our 2014 Kickstarter fundraiser.  If this film comes out as good as we think it can, it will be included along with Xan's other mentioned film, and several more works focusing on Mizer's boys jumping around and performing other acrobatics.  

Original Physique Pictorial page from August 1973, referring to the damaged film.