FOCUS ON Experimental Photographer Joni Sternbach

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FOCUS ON Experimental Photographer Joni Sternbach

Another look at experimental photography, another way to stay creative in an ever-digital photo world where everything is "created" for you at the touch of a digital button on your phone.  Another inspiration for the 1st Annual Bob Mizer Foundation Emerging Photographer Competition.

The photos are one-of-a-kind tintypes, those old metal photos you may have in your shoebox full of old family photos.  They were made using a wet-plate colloidian process, popular during the Civil War era.  Although nostalgic, many photographers today are finding new ways to use the medium in modern day situations.

"I wasn't interested in recreating something that had already occurred in the history of photography. I was more interested in creating a new topic of conversation about how can we use the materials and information from the history of photography to make new and wonderful images that we haven't seen before," Sternbach told Slate.

Joni's work was on display at The Light Factory in Charlotte, N.C. In 2013, in an exhibit called “Sometimes Other Than Now: Alternative Processes in Contemporary Photography."  

All photos in this post by Joni Sternbach.  To see more, check out her amazing portfolios on her website.