Update: Apple Tests Virtual Chastity Belt – Declares War on Hot Bods

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Update: Apple Tests Virtual Chastity Belt – Declares War on Hot Bods

Last week we reported that Apple still sucks, what we didn’t know at the time is, they double suck. That is, Apple’s sweep of “sexually explicit” content – AMG’s Brasil Boys and Beefcake! apps included – is rumored to have come about as a result of pressure from a group of right wing Christian yahoos. The Parents Television Council, a self-proclaimed “non-partisan education organization,” had this to say about its campaign against supposedly pornographic iPhone applications:

Apple is allowing the sale of pornographic applications for the iPhone in its iTunes store, with the content then being downloaded onto the iPhone. Some of these applications are free to children and adults; and links to web sites that lead to even more explicit pornography are also given on iTunes. And even if teens do not purchase or download these apps, Apple provides samples of the pornography on iTunes for all to see. (Click here for a recent article on some of the salacious iPhone apps available.

Yes, the folks at The Parent’s Television Council clearly have some issues to sort out – most notably their definition of pornography – but the truth is, it doesn’t really matter why Apple dumped a load of content that they already filtered for sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive content. What really sucks about Apple’s great clean out is its bias toward T&A. Yes folks, tits and ass pass the Apple test, but Bob Mizer’s shirtless muscle men are pornographic. While Apple dumped some 5,000 apps containing what they deem to be “overtly sexual,” apps from smut peddlers like Playboy and Suicide Girls are still taking up prime real estate in the iTunes store.

Now we’ve resisted saying it in the past, because, really, we had no proof. But this recent development, and Apple’s possible bending to Christian concerns is definitely a touch fishy. How does the saying go? If it smells homophobic, and tastes homophobic…