David Hurles, The BUTT Interview

David Hurles, The BUTT Interview

From BUTT Magazine

By Christopher Trout

Twenty years ago, David Hurles was rolling in cash. He had spent the better half of his life photographing and filming the surliest, dirtiest rough trade motherfuckers the West Coast had to offer and selling these photos and videos under the name Old Reliable Tape and Picture Company. His fans ranged from patron of filth John Waters to cerebral playboy Gore Vidal. He lived the sweet life in a gigantic home in the Hollywood Hills.

When I met David two years ago, things had soured a bit. He shared an apartment with his longhaired 30-something boyfriend, Mykey, much closer to Hollywood Blvd. than the Hollywood Hills. They survived off of David’s Social Security checks and occasional government-issued cans of food, generically printed with the names of their contents – FISH, CHICKEN, BEEF.

Today, David is the most popular resident of a state funded nursing home in East Hollywood. Having suffered a stroke over a year ago, he spends his days in bed, listening to the constant noise of his roommates’ TVs, sleeping and gossiping with his close friend, and de facto caregiver, Dian Hanson. The place is a dump, really, mere miles from the palace that porn built, but David isn’t altogether bitter. Sure, he’s pissed – understandably so – but if you catch him at the right time, you’ll find him transported to another place in his memory, a place where the rough trade runs free. With a retrospective of David’s outsider porn photos (curated by John Waters) set to open at Marianne Boesky gallery in New York in June, and a Joe Gage-directed documentary about him in the works, I sat down with David to find out just what got him to where he is today.

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