Cum Rag of the Stars Features Mizer’s Hottest Hoods

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Cum Rag of the Stars Features Mizer’s Hottest Hoods

If your love for Bob and his band of merry misfits dates back farther than Reagan’s first term, than you might be familiar with AMG’s collaboration with the long-running journal of real sex, S.T.H. (aka Straight to Hell, aka The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts). The anti-breeder, pro-boner fag rag is one of the few publications, outside Bob’s own, to feature the rough trade models of AMG’s later days. Under the watch of both S.T.H.’s founder, Boyd McDonald, and current editor and publisher, Billy Miller, S.T.H. has provided its insatiable readership with real-life sex stories, homo-centric political rants and the best in amateur, artistic and pornographic nudes.

John Apache

Their latest covers – that’s two, count them, TWO – feature a couple of our all-time favorite rough trade studs, Gerald Oglesby and John Apache. Why do we love these boys so much? Well, there’s a certain volatility to their beauty. Sure, they could be just two gorgeous guys, but take a look at the details and you’ll find these two are true misfits. Gerald, for one, sports an insanely long coke nail and John, well look no further than the stars and bars adorning his bicep. Now we’re not saying that we have a thing for racists and drug addicts, what we are saying, is we love these subtle signs. Like Bob Mizer’s character analysis, they give just a touch of insight into the lifestyle of these otherwise untouchable men.

For more from Billy Miller about the new issue of S.T.H., check out his interview in the new issue of Unzipped and outtakes from the interview on their blog.

The charming fellow behind this filthy magazine is always looking for new submissions, so if you’re a pervert with a pen, send your sordid tales to: STH, BOX 20424 NYC 10023 or email them to (no name necessary).