AMG Plays War Games with New Recruit

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AMG Plays War Games with New Recruit

From the time WWII ended in 1945 (coincidentally the same year Bob Mizer founded AMG) California’s coast played host to some of the sexiest, surliest veterans of foreign wars ever to have defended our fine country. Many of these boys in uniform returned to the US, but never ventured home, choosing instead to plant their roots on the sunny shores of the Pacific.

These were the men who occupied the pages of Bob Mizer’s Physique Pictorial. Sailors, soldiers and, yes, Marines were mainstays of American beefcake, providing early gay photography with that surly, straight edge that had boys from Birmingham to Brooklyn begging for more. Most of these boys never hit it big, but their fifteen minutes of fame live on in AMG’s latest DVD release, Story Film Classics: New Recruit.

In this collection of 20 digitally remastered films from the King of Beefcake, you’ll get AMG’s favorite military men at their very best. Angry Sailors, Sassy Seamen and even hot Nazis – if you love a man in uniform, you’ll blow your lid for New Recruit. Straight, tattooed, and just barely clothed, there’s no substitute for these real-life military men. And no one, except maybe their enemies shot them better than Bob Mizer.

In New Recruit you’ll find your favorite bodies of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, including beefcake icon John Tristram and bad boy Larry Lamb, in classic military loops like “Jailor’s Delight,” “Nazi and the Paratrooper”, and “Navy Depot.”

Order your copy of New Recruit from the AMG store today, and receive 30% off the suggested retail price.