Merry F*cking Christmas, Happy F*cking Hanukka – It’s Our G*d Damn Wish List

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Merry F*cking Christmas, Happy F*cking Hanukka – It’s Our G*d Damn Wish List

Excuse our language, but there’s something about the Holiday season that makes us want to scratch our balls and spit. All the ugly sweaters, insanely wasteful decorations, and those god damn Christmas carols, are all far from comforting to us. Really, we here at AMG don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home - spin a dreidel, lick a cheese log, roast some chest nuts for all we care. But if you’re going to get into the holiday spirit, we ask just one thing - stop buying shit and give the gift of beefcake. It doesn’t matter to us which tradition you follow, but if there’s gift giving involved, do your self a favor and don’t stray from this list:

David Hurles’ Outcast ed. David Hurles This new edition from the man who brought you the world’s most hardened hustlers, is an insight into the world of Old Reliable like no other. Hurles’ refreshingly unpolished images of rough trade are accompanied by the story of his life, written by the man himself. This is a must have for any OR fan.

2010 BUTT Calendar  Do you like real men? Do you like keeping track of your daily activities? Are you always forgetting important dates, like when George Michael was arrested for propositioning a pig in a Beverly Hills bathroom? Well then, this one’s for you.

Kink #10  The latest installment of Spanish photographers’ Paco y Manolo’s beautifully designed quarterly. Full of gorgeous, naturally lit men, and featuring guest appearances by Bob Mizer and Gary Lee Boas, this is a must for the sophisticated smut fan.

Bob’s World: The Life and Boys of AMG’s Bob Mizer ed. Dian Hanson - If you haven’t heard it here enough, than check out all the glowing reviews on Amazon. Bob’s World gives an in depth look at the studio that produced some of the World’s most iconic images of scantily clad men. Need we say more?

Tom of Finland XXL ed. Dian Hanson  The definitive book on the artist who defined an era, Tom of Finland XXL traces the career of Touko Laaksonen, neigh, Tom of Finland in brilliant detail. Measuring 11.4 x 15.9 in, and featuring essays by Camille Paglia, John Waters, Armistead Maupin and Todd Oldham, this one’s a holiday heavy hitter.

Luke Smalley’s Sunday Drive  A posthumous release of eerily enticing images of incarcerated hunks and the women that love them. The words stark beauty never meant so much.

Richard Fontaine’s Days of Greek Gods  A very rare glimpse at one of beefcakes forgotten gems, Days of Greek Gods explores the racy and innovative films of beefcake master Richard Fontaine. Showcasing models like Ed Fury and Steve Wengryn and featuring the first beefcake film with synced sound, this DVD is not to be missed.

Peres Projects’ Queer Zines  More than 200 pages exploring the insanely vibrant world of underground gay publishing in the US and Europe, make this the perfect gift for a man with an eye for the unconventional. Illustrations and writings by zine makers, reprinted articles on the genre, and a directory of important zine archives round out this vibrant art book, which also features pieces from Bruce LaBruce, Terrence Koh and Vince Aletti.

Year Subscription to Straight to Hell or The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts: It may not be easy to get your hands on a copy of this historically important zine (you’ve got to write to the editor to purchase a subscription), but the pay off is well worth it. Straight to Hell is a forum for real-life filthy stories from the most depraved men on earth, and yet another outlet for the photography of studio’s like AMG and Old Reliable. (Psst - The next issue features some really choice shots from the Mizer collection).