The A&E Easy Chair, Now at Target!

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The A&E Easy Chair, Now at Target!

V Rocker has built-in speakers and is compatible with most gaming and audio systems. In black and navy.49.99 Video Rocker is great for comfortably getting into the game. In black and navy. 29.99 Home Decor.

Above is the ad copy for the new Rocker series of floor-level ‘gaming’ chairs that appeared in the latest installment of the Target catalogue. These chairs, which are marketed towards adolescent males, bare a striking resemblance to the chairs that Bob Mizer used in his Anal Erotic videos.

I wonder if the designers knew that this particular chair would stir memories of pulsating anuses for thousands of horny homosexuals. They were such a staple in Bob’s later photography that I’m surprised he didn’t try and sell them himself as A&E accessories in Physique Pictorial.

If they had been hawked in an issue of PP, I imagine the copy might sound similar.

V Rocker is compact and low to the ground. Compatible with most body types, it is perfect for balancing on your back and exposing your sweet pink anus. In black and navy. 49.99 Video Rocker is great for comfortably getting your anus in full view. In black and navy. 29.99 Home Decor