Dinner with David

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Dinner with David
David Hurles and Chuck Trout

We recently took a trip to Hollywood to connect with a couple of old AMG flames. It was a quick trip, so we packed in as much action as possible. In two days, we had about 10 telephone conversations with men’s magazine guru-cum-Taschen editor, Dian Hanson; drank our weight in Margaritas; spotted 3 teen stars (2 Duffs and one Muniz), 1 A-lister named Zelwegger, and Kristin Cavallari (whoever that is); and sat down for one dinner with David Hurles, formerly of Old Reliable.

David and Bob Mizer go back to 1970, before David took on the ol’ pseudonym that made him famous. He was working for Lynn Womack of the Grecian Guild as a model and photographer, and was running an errand for Womack. Bob gave him the cold shoulder the first time they met, but they ended up becoming great friends. Bob took David under his wing in the late 70s and from then on they shared models as well as nightly telephone calls.

We met up at the Sizzler on Hollywood Blvd. and he got his usual - chicken fried steak and an iced tea. We talked about everything from the crack boom in the 1980s and the death of masculinity to Bob’s penchant for oral sex. David hasn’t worked in a few years, but he’s still a genius with a camera.

The photo of our very own Christopher Trout, featured above (bottom), is the first photo that Old Reliable has taken in almost four years. The photo above that is David Hurles, post dinner.