The Truth about Bob Part 1

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The Truth about Bob Part 1

The day that I started working at AMG I walked in the door and was directed to my desk. Next to my desk was a rolling media center on which were two small televisions, countless VCRs and Betas and a whole bunch of recording equipment I will probably never know the names of. On one TV there was a couple of young Brazilian guys in a freeze frame stroking each other’s dicks. On the other was a scraggly white guy with vintage build and his knees in the air pulsating his asshole. It was explained later that this was a series of films made by Mizer in the 80s called Anal Erotic. The guy on the screen was one of Mizer’s myriad Hollywood hustler models. I should have known what I was getting into when I signed on as the Promotions Officer at AMG, I just didn’t know that I’d be sitting right next to the manifestation of its founder's strange sexual predilections.

Barry Sanders

Over time, I have gotten used to seeing inflating and deflating sphincters before I have my morning coffee. No need to worry. I haven’t lost my love for AMG. In fact, one of the things I loved most about the old school studio was Physique Pictorial. Bob was a very complex personality. He loved to keep things a secret and it shows in his publication. On many of the pictures there are little hieroglyphs that represent a different personality (or sexuality) trait of the man posing.

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